Letterbox bombers sought by the police

16:00, Jan 24 2013

South Taranaki police are on the hunt for a group who blew up a Hawera letterbox with a bomb earlier this month.

The blast, about 11pm on January 12, was strong enough to wake neighbours, with one reporting seeing a flash.

Constable Maree Pollock said the vandals responsible were lucky not to be injured during their stunt, despite describing the bomb as "small scale".

"There is the potential for someone to get hurt, whether it's the person doing it or some innocent bystander who happens to be walking past," she said.

"Someone will know something and will be bragging about it.

"Footsteps were heard after the explosion so we are picking it was a group of people."


Ms Pollock said the letterbox was near a wooded area.

With the dry weather there was the potential for greater property damage.

The minimum charge for being caught with explosives in a public area carries a maximum three-year prison sentence.

In 2011, a pipe bomb was used to destroy a post box packed with mail.

The front of the post box was blasted across Waihi Rd and surrounding properties were showered with shrapnel and shredded letters.

That explosion was heard over a three kilometre radius.

Taranaki Daily News