Kids spend a day among the treetops

19:06, Jan 25 2013
 Zavier Adam
AIMING HIGH: Zavier Adam, 7, gets up a tree the easy way, with ropes and harness at a council climbing day.

Bark, berries, birds, and bugs were among the sights on offer for Taranaki kids high in the trees of Pukekura Park yesterday.

More than 30 helmeted and harnessed kids were hoisted up among the leaves for the New Plymouth District Council children's tree-climbing day.

District arborist Conrad Pattison said the day had been organised in conjunction with council contractors and New Zealand Arborists Association.

"It's quite neat for the kids. We've got a branch walk for the older ones and they get to go across the network of branches, which is what we do in our job every day."

But being tied up in safety equipment was slowing some of the more seasoned climbers down.

"I can climb way faster without a rope," Jenny Urbahn, 7, said.


Welbourne School student Zavier Adam, 7, said while he also found it easier to climb trees without a harness, it had its perks too.

"It was pretty hard having to move my hands on the rope to pull myself up but sliding down at the end was really fun."

Zavier said he climbed trees every chance he had, and climbed right to the top of a kowhai tree in his back yard. "You get a really good view and I like seeing how high up I am and finding different positions for my feet." But Zavier's not just a monkey, he also likes to learn about his trees.

"I think this one's a puriri tree. I think that because it looks like a native."

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