Tap left running damages bank

02:13, Jan 29 2013
tdn bank stand
Waitara volunteer firefighters clear the Waitara TSB Bank after it was flooded at the weekend.

TSB Bank's Waitara branch has suffered extensive water damage after a tap left running all weekend flooded the premises.

TSB Bank chief financial officer Roddy Bennett said Waitara staff turned up to work yesterday to find the bank flooded, with water pouring through the roof.

The branch would reopen either today or tomorrow, he said.

"It depends on how fast they can dry the carpet out and get the computers back in place."

A sink tap had been left on all weekend and a cloth in the sink blocked the drain, causing the flood, Mr Bennett said.

"We're not sure of why the tap was on."


Waitara volunteer firefighters and bank staff did a great job of cleaning up the mess early, Mr Bennett said.

The ATM was still operating but most of the electronics inside the bank were water damaged and the ceiling would need to be replaced, Mr Bennett said.

Staff were devastated to see the bank flooded when they arrived at work in the morning.

"The staff are upset by it because they have got people to serve and they can't do that when the branch has to be closed.

"They take pride in their branch."

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