Crackdown on dog owners ignoring bans

A blitz is under way on North Taranaki beaches because increasing numbers of dog owners are ignoring summer dog-free zones.

"We are concerned that dog owners are not paying attention to the dog bans on two sections of beach - Fitzroy and East End - as well as Corbett Park," New Plymouth District Council head dog control officer Jim Aitken said.

"The officers are paying particular attention to the beaches at the moment. Owners breaching the bans can face a $300 infringement."

The beach bans include Fitzroy and Oakura beaches, in the areas where beach-goers gather, as well as Corbett Park. In each case dogs are banned from 9am to 6pm during daylight saving.

The bans cover the areas of high family use near the surf clubs where it would be very embarrassing for a dog owner to find their dog had been unable to resist relieving itself on a chilly bin, he said.

Unfortunately, in Corbett Park vandals regularly remove dog ban signs, Mr Aitkin said.

Many dog owners within the ban areas had told dog officers they were not aware of the rules.

"People need to be aware," he said.

Currently owners in breach were not being fined - as yet.

"We are trying the educational approach."

There were many other areas dogs could still be taken to enjoy their walks, Mr Aitkin said.


Oakura Beach and foreshore, including Corbett Park from 9am to 6pm during daylight saving Fitzroy and East End beaches from the same times

Also banned from: NP CBD

Pukekura Park fernery

Brooklands Zoo

Ngamotu Beach and Reserve

Fitzroy paddling pool and enclosure

Urenui and Onaero domains

Children's playgrounds

Within 200m of Lake Mangamahoe

Lake Rotomanu island

Barrett Domain wetland areas and pond

Sportsgrounds during organised sports events.

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