Football fans line up to watch Super Bowl

16:00, Feb 04 2013

A smattering of American football fans gathered in New Plymouth pubs yesterday to watch the 47th Super Bowl.

The Daily News paid a visit to Rosie's Irish Pub where the Baltimore Ravens were playing the San Francisco 49ers on the big screen.

Several tables of American football fans were patiently waiting for play to get back underway after a power outage early in the second half stopped the game for more than half an hour.

Former United States resident Jeff Lowe was there watching with his American wife Nicole Lowe.

In the home of the brave the Super Bowl final was easily the biggest sporting event of the year, Mr Lowe said.

Mr Lowe, a Methanex employee, said he had taken the day off work specifically to watch the Super Bowl.


The Baltimore fan said the blackout was quite bizarre.

"That doesn't happen very often."

On Super Bowl day back in the States most people gathered at parties where the entertainment was about more than just the sport, he said.

Some fans looked forward to the commercials more than the game, he said.

"It's kind of too bad that you can't see the commercials here," Mr Lowe said.

American Tom McManus was also backing Baltimore while enjoying a mid-afternoon beer at Rosie's.

Mr McManus said this was only the second Super Bowl which he had not been in the States for.

Mr McManus said he missed the first ever Super Bowl in 1967 because he was serving in Vietnam.

"But I think I've watched every Super Bowl since then," he said.

It was pleasing to see Rosie's were playing the game, he said.

"It's very interesting that they are screening it here.

"I was very surprised."

The Baltimore Ravens ended up beating the San Francisco 49ers 34-31.

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