Jimmy's sunflower full of beans

Jimmy Hogg and this three-metre-high sunflower.
Jimmy Hogg and this three-metre-high sunflower.

There's something in the soil at Jimmy Hogg's place - for the second year running it has sprouted a monster sunflower.

The 3-metre plant has reached the second floor of Mr Hogg's Glen Park Ave house.

"It's right up to the bloody window. My tomatoes have gone crazy too, and my pumpkins, and my lawn. I'm thinking of buying another lawnmower," he said.

Mr Hogg bought the sunflower seed from the local farmers' market and planted it in November.

The secret behind the super growth was in a weekly sprinkle of caffeine, he said.

A cleaner, Mr Hogg collected the ground coffee bean waste from businesses where he worked and spread it around the base of the plant. Other than that it was just good old-fashioned care and watering. "I get home from work late and put the sprinkler on.

"I like looking up and seeing it there."

He grew a sunflower the same height last year.

Taranaki Daily News