Fred can put away magnifying glass

20:50, Feb 07 2013
tdn fred stand
Fred Ellis is happy he won't have to use a magnifying glass when the new phone book comes out in August.

Hearing that a new phone book with bigger type is soon to circulate in Taranaki was music to Fred Ellis' ears yesterday.

The Inglewood man contacted the Taranaki Daily News last August as he struggled to read the new directory, which contained type 10 per cent smaller than the norm.

It seems Mr Ellis was not the only one having difficulty, with Yellow announcing yesterday a Taranaki directory with restored type size would arrive in August because of public demand.

"Well that's fantastic, you've made my day," Mr Ellis said upon hearing the news.

"What are they going to call it? The Ellis Edition?"

The current phone book had continued to cause him some frustration, however, Mr Ellis said if he had trouble looking someone up his wife would help.


"I've spoken to a lot of people who agreed with me after that article," he said.

"I do have a bit of a fault, in that if I see a problem or something that could be improved I say something. Sometimes that gets me into a bit of bother."

And sometimes it works, so it would seem.

Yellow chief executive officer Chris Armistead said the change to regional editions was in response to feedback from members of the community who preferred the old font.

"When I became CEO in August, it has been one of my priorities to look for ways that we can improve our print directories and our digital offering. The font and paper quality are two improvements I'm pleased to announce."

Mr Armistead said Timaru had been the first region to receive the new-look book in November and feedback had been positive.

While Mr Ellis was excited to receive his big-font directory, he did still have one bone to pick.

"I was in Wellington a while ago and their book is different. For instance, it has Smith written in bold and then just the initials listed below it, until you get to Smyth which would be bold again."

He said that made it a lot easier to look people up.

"But anyway, that's another story."

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