SPCA hopes for empty cages after Adoptathon

19:27, Feb 09 2013
tdn cat stand
SPCA animals need loving owners to take them home.

More than 80 animals at the North Taranaki SPCA are longing for adoption - 35 kittens, 23 cats, five dogs, two puppies, 17 chickens, one rooster and a guinea pig to be exact.

Each and every one of them will be up for grabs at the SPCA's fourth annual Adoptathon and open day from 10am to 3pm tomorrow.

SPCA spokesperson Jackie Poles Smith said it was an extremely busy time of year for the organisation and the aim of the day was to find good homes for as many animals as possible.

"It's usually a very successful day. On average we'd find homes for about 40 animals."

During the year, Ms Poles Smith said many of the older cats were often overlooked because people were more attracted to the kittens, which was sad.

"We often end up finding homes for some of the long termers on the day though, which is really nice."


Not everyone fancied the cutest, fluffiest animals though, she said.

"We have had people come in and say find me the ugliest one, the one that nobody loves. So there are people out there who want them and love them."

Although the event was an Adoptathon, Ms Poles Smith said it certainly wasn't mandatory for everyone to leave with a new pet.

"To find homes for 81 animals would be great. We'd like to have an empty place here on Sunday night.

"In saying that we do want people just to come and have a look and see what we do. They don't have to take an animal home."

The open day will also include activities for children, a petting zoo, food and raffles.

It is a free event, however, Ms Poles Smith said a cat food donation, especially for kittens, would be greatly appreciated.

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