Horse owner on hunt for 'lowlifes' Prized stallion stolen, foal shot

Missing: Waitara farmer Rob Lewis has lost a stallion called Deacon worth $20000.
Missing: Waitara farmer Rob Lewis has lost a stallion called Deacon worth $20000.

A Taranaki farmer is appealing for the public's help to catch the "lowlifes" who stole his family's prized stallion and shot dead its foal.

Rob Lewis believes the stallion, named Deacon, was stolen for breeding, but why anyone would shoot a foal was beyond him.

"Why would someone do that?" he said.

"It's an innocent animal and it's just a cruel attack."

The theft happened on January 15 or 16 on a 485-hectare property in Omahina Rd, near Waverley.

Deacon is described as a black American quarter horse, about 16.1 hands, with a small white marking on his forehead. "He is also branded with a Texas longhorn picture on his shoulder."

Both Mr Lewis and his mother Kim had a suspect in mind because the people who took him had to know what they were doing to handle the horse.

"They also had to know the property quite well. I have been in contact with police and they are investigating."

Mr Lewis said after his initial public plea on Facebook a neighbour told him they saw a ute pulling a grey and green horse float leaving the property at the time they believe the horse was taken.

He said farmers in Taranaki would know if a horse like his had suddenly appeared on a neighbour's property.

American quarter horses excel at sprinting short distances. They are well known as race horses and for performances in horse shows, rodeos and as working ranch horses.

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