Offensive views

19:30, Feb 09 2013

I write in response to Morris West's letter. Not only is Morris' language offensive to me but, I suspect, to a lot of people who are working hard on the Len Lye project, many in a voluntary capacity.

Referring to the Len Lye Centre as a ''urinal'' is, I believe, churlish and infantile in the first degree, and referring to the Good Oil articles as ''excrement'' is, I believe, crass, to say the least.

If anything can be regarded as a urinal (other than a urinal itself), it is surely the rugby crowd debacle at the Wellington Sevens.

A finer example of an open space urinal and vomit pit in the grandstands, where families gather, you will never see, all in the name of sport.

If Morris is to earn respect within the community he writes to, then I believe he is going to have to gain that by using informed opinion, wit, humour, facts and dignity, and not let his arguments down by the use of language not even accepted at kindergartens.


New Plymouth


Taranaki Daily News