Family team work tested in X Race competition

Niall Clancy and his dad Liam won the X-Race at the TSB Hub in Hawera.
Niall Clancy and his dad Liam won the X-Race at the TSB Hub in Hawera.

Rubbish as his dad may have been at the gumboot throwing, Niall, 10, and Liam Clancy were fast enough to win Hawera's first X Race.

The fast-paced event paired parents with their children in a race to complete 10 out of 12 physical and mental challenges at the TSB Hub as quickly as possible.

Finishing first requires nerve, grit and a steely determination.

"I'm probably more competitive than my dad," Niall said.

"Well it's close to being a dead heat," his father admitted at the end of the race.

"We were rubbish at the gumboot throwing. I missed the bales twice.

"The athletics were our best event."

It was in the high jump that Mr Clancy really shone, not only launching Niall over with consummate ease but helping other fathers lift their children over the bar. For that he was awarded the Spirit of the X Race by organiser Steve Nicholls.

"This has been a fantastic event and hopefully we have had plenty of worthwhile experiences for the kids and their families," he said.

Some of those experiences involved a long rope and two people in the middle jumping while two others swung the rope over them and then under.

Although this is generally known as skipping the examples on display yesterday did not really fit the definition.

"What can you say. Some of them could. Some of them couldn't.

"Some of the older ones were a lot better than the younger ones.

"But it was all very enjoyable," skipping official Eve Ingram said.

Just over 100 teams entered the event, being held around the country, and ending with a grand final on April 26 in Rotorua.

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