Farmers given free concert

The normally sleepy farming community of Tarata was half scared out of its wits by a mysterious disturbance on Tuesday night.

"I was sitting there watching TV and boom, on it came. I thought what the bloody hell is that," farmer and unofficial Tarata mayor Bryan Hocken said.

Confused for some time, the black-singlet-wearing, sheep-and-beef man eventually realised the racket was nothing but music from the Sentry Hill Winery Tour Concert, some 20 kilometres away.

"I thought maybe the boys at McKee were having a party or a gas well had gone mad. It was clear as a bell on my front lawn," Mr Hocken said.

He was not the only one thrown into a temporary tizz. Shelly Worthington's husband was startled enough by the noise to get in his car to track it to its source.

"It was so loud we thought someone has having a party down at the domain. You could just hear this boom, boom and then some words," Ms Worthington said.

"We've got this young fella who drives around with his big stereo going and we thought 'here he comes', but it wasn't that."

She speculated the sound travelled straight up the Waitara river.

Mrs Worthington said they had not realised until the next day what was causing the noise, but if she had known it was from a concert people paid $75 to attend she would have poured a drink and enjoyed her good fortune.

Taranaki Daily News