Driver disgusts police

02:23, Feb 14 2013

Police were disgusted to find a forbidden driver speeding in an unregistered and unwarranted car with three young children this week.

Sergeant George White said the woman was stopped on Devon St on Tuesday morning for doing 64kmh in a 50kmh zone.

Mr White said the woman had been forbidden to drive six years ago and the car had not had a WOF or registration for three years.

''We are working really hard to try and keep the kids safe with a whole lot of projects and then a mother goes and does something like this,'' he said.

The woman will appear in court later this month charged with speeding and driving while forbidden.

Mr White said her car had also been impounded for 28 days.

''It will cost her more than the car is worth to get it out, so she probably won't even do that.''  


Taranaki Daily News