Indoor growing due to budget and taste

A Bell Block man grew cannabis at his home because it was costing him too much to buy and because he preferred indoor over outdoor-grown dope.

The cannabis was discovered by police on January 30 at the home of Anthony Thomas John Wythe, 26, where he lived with his partner and three young children.

Wythe pleaded guilty in the New Plymouth District Court yesterday to cultivating and supplying cannabis, possessing drug equipment and cannabis seeds and receiving property.

Police found eight plants growing in a wardrobe in the main bedroom assisted by a heater pad, light and timer.

Concealed behind a false wall under the house were eight more plants about 50cm high, which were budding.

The growth was assisted by lamps, fans, head ducts and timers.

Scales, pre-cut foil and $1520 was found in the bedroom drawers.

Wythe said the cannabis was for his personal use and he was growing it himself because of the high price he had to pay for it at the time.

The equipment was bought to assist in the growing of the indoor cannabis because that was what he preferred to smoke. Some was sold to cover personal costs.

Wythe also admitted buying stolen tools, the property of Arthur Brown Construction, which were reported stolen on December 19.

Judge Allan Roberts remanded Wythe in custody for sentence on May 2.

Taranaki Daily News