Fierce fight for Valentine's prize

19:51, Feb 14 2013
Competition to win a dream engagement
FIERCE COMPETITION: Seven women fought to catch bouquets tossed from a cherry picker on Puke Ariki Landing yesterday in a competition to win their dream engagement.

In a twist on the traditional bouquet toss, seven Taranaki women leapt to catch bouquets thrown from a cherry picker in a bid to win their dream engagement on Valentines Day.

The Edge radio station's "Perfect Catch" saw women jostle for bouquets in an elimination-style contest on Puke Ariki Landing as their partners nervously looked on.

"I'm nervous just standing here," Joel Schrader, the partner of winner Candace Noyes, said.

"They need headgear."

The wannabe brides, whose relationships ranged from two months to four years, were dressed in veils and white rubbish bag dresses and were eliminated when they did not catch a bouquet.

Zoe Meuli was the third to be eliminated and was relieved to escape the scrum.


"I broke my toe I think."

Noyes was the last with a bouquet in her hand and won a $2500 voucher towards an engagement ring from Dalgleish Diamond Jewellers and an engagement photo shoot from Honeyed Lace Photography.

She said she was stoked with the win.

"It's amazing, I'm shaking."

She put her success down to her years as a gymnast, but her partner disagreed.

"Sheer determination might have won it I think," Mr Schrader said.

If that was not excitement enough, staff from Dalgleish produced a ring and Mr Schrader got down on one knee and proposed on live radio. He was pleased his new fiancee would be able to pick the perfect ring.

"I knew if I got her one it wouldn't be the right one."

Runner-up Mandy Dent won a $500 voucher from Dalgleish Diamond Jewellers, and all of the contestants received $250 vouchers from the jeweller and $500 towards a wedding photo shoot.

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