Laptop thief faces jail

A Bell Block teenager was warned by a judge he could be jailed if all 12 school laptops he helped steal were not returned.

Richard Mokaraka, 17, admitted his part in the Christmas holiday burglary in the New Plymouth District Court this week.

Mokaraka and a 16-year-old broke into Bell Block School's office and stole 12 Apple MacBook laptop computers from storage containers.

Mokaraka's lawyer, Paul Keegan, said four of the laptops were found at the 16-year-old's home but Mokaraka had not told police where the other eight were.

Judge Allan Roberts said if the laptops were not returned Mokaraka was more than likely going to jail.

Mokaraka also admitted stealing two Subaru Legacy cars from the roadside late last year. He was remanded on bail to May 2 for sentencing.

Taranaki Daily News