Mouldy burger disgusts customer

A student who was sold a mouldy burger at Burger King was asked by a manager to delete the evidence.

Tessa O'Malley, 19, unwrapped her Hawaiian Chicken burger from a central Wellington outlet early on Thursday, after a night out in town.

"We ate our chips and things and then when I opened my burger . . . I was kind of shocked. It was disgusting."

The bottom bun was riddled with spores of green and grey mould.

Massey University student Miss O'Malley and her friend took photos of the burger on their phones, posting one image on Facebook.

They then returned the burger to the counter, where the manager became hostile.

"When we went back in, we had the burger wrapped up and didn't make a scene. We showed the duty manager and said 'this is pretty disgusting.'

"She just tried to take it straight away because she obviously didn't want anyone else to see it. She saw one of our friends had a photo, and said she wouldn't do anything unless we deleted all the photos."

The manager offered a refund and a replacement burger, but only if the women deleted their pictures in front of her.

Then she and another employee ordered them out, Miss O'Malley said.

A Burger King spokeswoman said its buns occasionally got mouldy in summer. "In a spell of warm weather, you get one or two complaints." Fairfax NZ

Taranaki Daily News