Healthy living ranges from crystal healing to gym

22:45, Feb 17 2013
tdn colour stand
Pip Oxlade using color therapy at the Festival of Dreams health expo at TSB Stadium New Plymouth

The term "healthy living" took on a broad definition at the Festival of Dreams health expo.

Stall offerings at the TSB Stadium ranged from crystal healing and crop circle information to homeopathy, fortune telling and memberships for the City Fitness Gym.

The expo, which had its inaugural visit to New Plymouth on Saturday, is centred around alternative choices for healing, health and wellness.

Organiser Liz Hamilton said they did not want to be categorised as a "mind, body and soul" expo and encouraged a wide range of exhibitors.

"There's no one size fits all. Everybody has different requirements for their health," Ms Hamilton said.

"This gives them the option to explore what's right for them."


Pip Oxlade specialises in taking people back on a journey through their past lives to right wrongs that were plaguing them in their current life.

"Some people believe in multiple lives and there is the suggestion you've come into this life to learn a lesson," her husband, John, says. "She takes you back on a past life regression."

Mrs Oxlade has been practising energy healing and colour therapy, which claims to use a colour's light to balance energy and enable healing, for 12 years.

But the treatment is not for the sceptical.

"You have to be open to the idea," Mr Oxlade said.

These type of expos attracted a wide variety of visitors.

"You get your hard-core holistic junkies queuing before the gates open, then the people who just want to see what it's all about," he said.

The energy healing treatment was more popular with women because they were more intuitive.

"But then men will come and say: ‘How did that happen?'

"That's quite amusing," Mr Oxlade said.

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