Dirty secret of colossal carrot

20:19, Feb 18 2013
tdn carrot stand
EYE OPENER: Ian Taylor’s latest jumbo carrot has been shown off all over Taranaki.

The grower of an unusual looking and large carrot was so proud of his produce he took it on a jaunt around Taranaki to show it off.

Ian Taylor, of Patea, said the secret ingredient for the carrot, with a length of 19cm and circumference of 38cm at the stem, was a load of dung.

"Horse poo. I pick up four trailer loads a week," Mr Taylor said.

The carrot came with him to New Plymouth to see his manure supplier who found the jumbo vegetable highly amusing.

"I went and picked up another load of poo.

"She said, ‘I must see this' and I brought it back from the car and she fell over laughing."


He took the carrot with him to Hawera Mitre 10 where an employee was so impressed she had to get photographic evidence.

And the growth did not stop at his carrots.

The potatoes and tomatoes had also taken off, with Mr Taylor collecting two ice-cream containers full of tomatoes every second day.

"The tomatoes have rocketed away this year, and I can't believe how big the potatoes are," he said.

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