Work begins on water supply upgrade

18:37, Feb 18 2013
tdn stratford stand
Ready to go: Stratford District Council asset director Sven Hanne is ready to get construction of a new water treatment plant underway.

Work is about to begin on Stratford's new $7.5 million water treatment complex.

The Stratford District Council project involves demolishing the old facility, building a state-of-the-art treatment plant in its place, and establishing a second 6 million-litre reservoir off Cardiff Rd.

Fulton Hogan is scheduled to have the job completed in time to meet the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards which come into force in the middle of the year.

Council asset director Sven Hanne said it was a significant development that would give them greater security over their water supply.

He said although the old reservoir would remain in place it only held the equivalent of a day's storage.

"The new one adds over a day of storage in case of mechanical or electrical failure at the plant, power outage, or stream conditions that don't allow us to take or treat water," Mr Hanne said.


Once complete they would also be able to drain the old reservoir and see what, if any, work needed to be done.

The new facility would closely mirror South Taranaki's Kapuni plant which was brought online in 2010.

Mr Hanne said that would allow them to pool resources and skilled staff with their southern neighbour, which would "significantly reduce overheads".

"It will be operated on our behalf by the South Taranaki District Council."

The project was so far running under budget by about $800,000, he said.

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