Man pleads guilty to assault

22:40, Feb 19 2013

An early morning attack on two men in New Plymouth left one unconscious and with his leg broken after he fell to the ground.

Daniel Wayne Hape, 37, pleaded guilty in the New Plymouth District Court on Tuesday to assaulting one man with intent to injure him in the council car park adjacent to the courthouse and assaulting another man on July 21.

Hape stopped his car in the carpark and argued with a group of men there.

He pushed his first victim who stumbled backwards. When the second victim stepped in between the two to stop the attack he was forcefully pushed backwards and ended up on the ground.

Hape then punched the first man with a closed fist knocking him unconscious.

He fell awkwardly, his fall broken by the second man who was still lying on the road.

Hape then drove off.

The first man, who was knocked unconscious was hospitalised after also having his leg broken in the fall.

The second  was left with a bruised tail bone. Hape was remanded to May 2 for sentencing.


Taranaki Daily News