Clamper's video footage revealed

Clamper Daniel Clout is back on the job
Clamper Daniel Clout is back on the job

A police investigator from outside Taranaki will scrutinise allegations made by New Plymouth wheel clamper Daniel Clout against local officers.

This week the Independent Police Conduct Authority confirmed it had received 16 separate complaints from Mr Clout, of Egmont Security.

The Taranaki Daily News broke the story of Mr Clout's claims that police were making it impossible to do his job last month.

He then attempted to withdraw permission to use video footage he had provided after he did an exclusive deal with TV3.

An authority spokeswoman said most complaints to the organisation were referred to the police for investigation and resolution.

''In this case we have asked for an investigator from outside the district to be appointed to conduct the investigation,'' she said.

The authority would, however, independently oversee the police handling of the complaints.

''If a complaint is referred to the police for investigation, the authority will take steps to ensure that it is properly resolved,'' she said.

Mr Clout approached the Daily News after he was convicted in the New Plymouth District Court in January of assaulting a German tourist.

He claimed police had been undermining his authority by telling people he was acting unlawfully, didn't hold the required licence to do the job and that they could cut his clamps off.

The directions to the public had resulted in increased attacks while he carried out his job, he said.

Mr Clout said he had been experiencing problems for about 18 months after an incident where he clamped a car driven by a family member of police staff and refused to release it without payment.

Recently he began wearing small digital cameras to record his interactions with the police and public.

''I realised that I had to get everything on video.''

Mr Clout has offered to meet with the authority to show them the extensive footage, which he also provided to the Daily News.

Today the newspaper has posted on its website clips from Mr Clout's footage, including an attack on him by a woman with her handbag, and an interview he did in our offices.

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