Many a fishy story from young anglers

03:04, Feb 25 2013
tdn fish stand
Hundreds of children and their parents turned up to the Waitara take a kid fishing day

It was a dangerous day for Waitara River sprats yesterday as more than 600 kids cast their lines into the water for Waitara's annual take-a-kid fishing day.

Organised by the Waitara Surfcasting and Angling Club, the event saw hundreds of parents teaching their kids the joys of fishing.

All sorts of fish were landed, including sprats, kahawai, eels, sharks and john dory.

But surprisingly there were no stingrays caught this year, said Waitara Surfcasting and Angling Club president Trevor Dodunski.

The event, which ran from 9am to 2pm, was held in conjunction with the Taranaki Electricity Trust and included $4000 in prizes.

Anglers lined the Waitara River all the way to the North St bridge, where most of the fish were being caught, he said.


Mr Dodunski said the day was intended to get kids interested in fishing and help steer them away from anti-social behaviour.

"It's getting kids into fishing rather than drinking and smoking," Mr Dodunski said. "It's about going down to the river to catch your kai."

He thanked the volunteers and sponsors for their support. "Without them this wouldn't happen."

While the fishing wasn't amazing it was great to see the community out enjoying the river and each other's company, he said.

"It's a beautiful asset to our community and we want people to protect it and look after it."

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