Sex predator cops seven years' jail

16:00, Feb 25 2013

A Patea man who emotionally destroyed a young teen by brutalising her and using her as his sex slave has been jailed for seven years.

Colin Leonard Webb, 60, had earlier pleaded guilty to the sexual assaults against two girls, admitting to police he had sex with the young teen about 50 times when she was aged between 12 and 14.

In sentencing, Judge Allan Roberts said Webb had robbed the young girl of her innocence, subjecting her to his predatory behaviour.

"There were people close to you who chose to look away. They failed your victims miserably," the judge said.

On one occasion, the police summary says, the girl's mother came into the room while Webb was having sex with the girl, screaming at him, "What the hell is going on here?"

She took her daughter back to her bedroom telling her everything would be all right.


The victim is now asking why her mother did not protect her.

Webb also admitted indecently assaulting an even younger girl, aged between 8 and 11, in previous years.

The offending, which covers representative sexual assaults including indecent assault, rape and attempted rape, occurred between 1972 and 1980.

Victims of sexual abuse are by law given permanent name suppression.

Crown prosecutor Nina Elliott asked for a prison sentence of between seven to eight years, saying aggravating features included the breach of trust, premeditation, the vulnerability of the girls, and the harm done to both them and their families.

'The only mitigating factor is his guilty plea," Ms Elliott said.

Webb was unremorseful nor did he accept the effect his offending had on his victims, Ms Elliott said.

Defence lawyer Patrick Mooney disagreed, saying Webb had written a letter to both complainants.

Webb and his wife had suffered personal abuse and had to face hostility from others. Just two months ago, they were the victims of a tube bomb.

Both Webb and his wife suffered health problems, Mr Mooney said.

Judge Roberts said the first victim, when aged between 8 and 11, was regularly abused by Webb, often when she went to the toilet.

The offending against the second girl "was serious indeed". It had a graphic effect on her, the judge said.

Webb's pre-sentence report noted he had minimal recollection and was not willing to make amends.

There appeared to be collaboration and collusion between the people close to the girls in that there was a lack of intervention on behalf of his victims, the judge said.

It would be some resolution for his victims that he was going to jail, Judge Roberts said.

The victim impact statement of the second girl made harrowing reading, he said.

She saw herself as his sex toy and was left broken-hearted at the terrible things he had done to her "over and over and over again". She was now over-protective of her own children.

She wondered why her mother failed her but was grateful to an aunt and her husband for their support.

The judge said the young girl had impressed him with her efforts to distance herself from the house where she was offended against.

"She was brave indeed."

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