Thief jailed for stealing chainsaw - twice

A well-known thief returned twice to steal a neighbour's $1000 chainsaw, a court heard yesterday.

Dylan Khan Jacobs, 22, unemployed, was sentenced to 20 months in jail for his latest spate of dishonesty offences.

In the New Plymouth District Court, Jacobs was sentenced for two burglaries, theft of a car, two of receiving and driving while suspended.

The latest stint in jail is his sixth.

A chainsaw missing from a farmhouse was found hidden in trees in Jacobs' driveway. Then the identical replacement was also stolen.

Then on August 4, Jacobs walked to a house in Henwood Rd, found an unlocked van and took bags from it. The victim was working just 30m away and Jacobs went up to him and asked him if he wanted any help.

He told police he sold the chainsaw for $50 and gave the other one away for a birthday present. Reparation sought was close to $7000. But no reparation was ordered and Jacobs' fines were remitted.

He was sentenced to special conditions on his release, including attendance at Te Kanga Maori.

Shannon Nichols, 19, was jailed for 12 months after stealing a Housing NZ water cylinder with two other people.

The total loss to Housing NZ was $2455 after the carpet was water damaged when the three removed the cylinder but failed to turn off the water.

Society was entitled to have a break from Nichols, who had accumulated 32 convictions in the adult court in 20 months and had received 15 sentences of prison, the judge said.

His dependency issues, including dope and RTDs, were well known, the judge said.

"Perhaps you are already lost to us."

He was ordered to pay his share of the damage, $818, to Housing NZ in a drip-feed from his benefit.

Taranaki Daily News