Home detention for assault

22:35, Feb 25 2013

Two young Hawera men launched an unprovoked attack on their male victim in the early hours in the town centre, stealing his phone and wallet, the New Plymouth District Court has heard.

The pair, Santee Wahia, 18, and Jordan Woodhead, 19,  admitted to robbing their victim and injuring him with intent on November 19, 2011.

The two changed their plea 10 days prior to their trial in December following the filing of incriminating witness evidence in court.

Defence lawyer Julian Hannam said the pair wanted to express their remorse face to face with their victim through a restorative justice meeting ''but sadly it was not taken up''.

Judge Allan Roberts said the witness placed the pair on the streets of Hawera at 3.30am.

''What you two were doing out on the streets of Hawera at that time of the morning is beyond me,'' the judge said. 


A female who was with the two accused was first to go up to the victim, accusing him of giving some sort of gang sign.
She then punched him. 

The two men took over the attack, taking their victim to the ground, punching him. They rifled through his pockets, taking his cellphone and wallet.

Woodhead continued with the assault. His victim screamed as he kicked the defenceless victim in the head.

The man, in his victim impact statement, said he did not want to risk going into Hawera again. He felt sick at the thought of having to go to court.

He was grateful to the person who intervened and stopped them beating him up.

Judge Roberts was unimpressed that Wahia only offered $500 in emotional harm reparation to his victim when he had said he would bring $1500 to court.

Wahia admitted he had bought a car saying it was to get himself to court.

''That can be sold can't it?'' the judge asked.

''Yes, sir.'' Wahia said.

The judge ordered both pay their victim $1000, and sentenced them to nine months home detention after giving some concession for their youth and eventual guilty pleas which spared their victim the ordeal of coming to court.

Both men are also to undergo 225 hours of community work and were handed down their first strike offence.  

Taranaki Daily News