News backs Taranaki health project

The Taranaki Daily News has been unveiled as the latest partner for the Taranaki Health Foundation.

The foundation aims to raise money to support the province's health services on the back of what has been tagged a "one in 50 year" rebuild at New Plymouth's Base Hospital.

Project Maunga, an $80 million project expected to be completed in July, is giving the hospital six new operating theatres and six new wards.

The foundation will initially be providing funding for extra and enhanced patient comforts.

Daily News commercial development manager Adrian Sole said the company was impressed by the vision shown in Project Maunga.

"The future-proofing it has embraced is remarkable," he said.

"On its own, this project will be delivering a superior level of health care to the people of Taranaki but, with the additional help of the Taranaki Health Foundation, it will offer something which will be envied throughout the country."

Taranaki Base Hospital caters for 24,000 patients every year.

Today's announcement is the latest in a series of wins for Project Maunga and the Taranaki Health Foundation.

Last week it was announced two other groups had raised more than $70,000 to help pay for televisions and other extras not accounted for in the rebuild budget.

And on Friday it was announced that the new children's ward at the hospital would receive $4.5 million from the TSB Community Trust.

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