Thief scatters hot Christmas items

23:18, May 05 2013

A man who went on an alcohol-fuelled Christmas night crime spree left stolen presents for his victims as he went.

Duchean Walker, 20, of New Plymouth, had pleaded guilty to a count of burglary, three counts of theft from a car, one of unlawfully taking a motor vehicle and one of unlawfully being in a building, last week.

In the New Plymouth District Court he was sentenced to nine months supervision and 350 hours of community work.

On the night of December 25 and the following morning last year, Walker left a party in Bell Block and walked down Sunnyvale St stealing from unlocked cars and properties, leaving unwanted goods and damage in his wake.

In the first car he opened the fuel cap, rifled through the glove box and then took the passenger side airbag, a Perspex sign, some papers, a box of scorched almonds and a business card.

From the second car he took a radar detector, a pair of hair straighteners, a vehicle jack and a cigarette lighter extension cord, but left in their place the scorched almonds and the business card from the first vehicle.


He then entered a house down a long driveway and, while the occupants were sleeping, took a Toshiba laptop computer.

He left the radar detector, hair straighteners and cigarette lighter extension cord he had stolen from the second car behind, as well as a puddle of vomit - later found to contain Walker's DNA - in the driveway.

At the next property he entered, a 63-year-old man caught Walker in his sleep-out shed carrying the laptop and a torch.

The man asked Walker what he wanted but got no sensible response so escorted him from the property, only to find he had returned 20 minutes later and had to be removed again.

Lastly, about 4am, Walker approached a Chevrolet Camaro parked in a driveway and was caught out when the security lights went on and woke the residents of the house.

They found him sitting in the driver's seat apparently trying to start the car, so asked him to leave and rang the police who arrested him a month later.

Walker told the police he had drunk a bottle of brandy and half a box of bourbon and could not remember the events of the night.

Judge Allan Roberts also ordered Walker not to associate with patched Black Power members.

Taranaki Daily News