Weapons drawn on ad stoush

01:13, May 28 2013
pub fight
Kymon Hill, left, from The Mayfair, and Bertie Burleigh, from Peggy Gordons, are going head to head.

A storm is brewing ahead of the All Blacks test in New Plymouth next month - and signs are it could turn ugly.

A bitter battle between Bertie Burleigh, from Peggy Gordons, and Kymon Hill, from The Mayfair, came to a head and poured out onto the street yesterday afternoon.

Mr Burleigh is hopping mad over The Mayfair's advertising sign, which has been erected on a balcony right opposite his pub, advertising rival entertainment for the weekend of the All Blacks test match.

tdn bertie stand
Bertie Burleigh

He used Facebook to offer a $50 bar tab to anyone who tore the sign down and brought it into his pub.

"I'll shred it," he said.

Despite complaints from The Mayfair, Mr Burleigh was stout about his offer.


"That sign is offensive, as they have deliberately pointed it right at my customers. I don't think they have to be that greedy. They have overstepped the mark and I stand by my bounty," he said.

As the Taranaki Daily News arrived at The Mayfair yesterday to interview Mr Hill, the two publicans had a chance meeting outside the bar.

"Take your sign down or move it or I'll rent that big space across the road from you and advertise ‘This way to Peggy Gordons and party central'," Mr Burleigh said.

Mr Hill said New Plymouth was not a pint-sized town and there would be plenty of patrons for both of them. "Stop being precious," he told Mr Burleigh.

Neither publican was willing to sit down over a cold one and discuss a resolution..

The police later added some fizz to the debate, saying removal of the sign could result in charges of intentional damage against Mr Burleigh. "From a legal point of view it is inciting someone to commit a crime," Senior Sergeant Thomas McIntyre said.

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