Car park system numbers to be repainted

All 1500 numbers in New Plymouth's parking bays are to be repainted.
All 1500 numbers in New Plymouth's parking bays are to be repainted.

New Plymouth's hi-tech parking system is facing yet another problem - this time indecipherable four-digit parking bay numbers.

All 1500 numbers marking time-restricted parks will be repainted because a combination of deteriorating kerb edges and problems with the paint used by the New Plymouth District Council meant many were unable to be read.

New Plymouth resident Jenny Bell says she had to move her car after failing to guess what number to enter into the parking machine when she couldn't read it in the first place.

"The numbers were so bad I had to shift up the street just to read them, and I didn't want to risk a parking ticket.

"It seems to be everywhere I go," she said. "I love the new system, I have no objection in paying for it, but I want to know what number I need to enter."

Mrs Bell said when she called the council a customer service representative told her the wrong paint had been used, which the council disputes.

Customer and regulatory manager Mary-Anne Priest said the problem didn't lie with the paint but with the footpath surfaces.

Mrs Priest said changes would be made to the base of the paint the council used to improve the legibility.

"We have looked around the country to see what they are doing, and whether anybody else experiences the same issues, and we've tried out a few things, and we think now that the solution we have got will be fine. It doesn't matter what the quality of the footpath is."

She said the council had a 12-month guarantee on the original job.

"The repaint hasn't cost us anything, it is part of the original contract to get those numbers in place."

Mrs Priest said remarking the numbers would be done after business hours to ensure minimum disruption for traffic and pedestrians

"We have a contractor that is working his way around all of the numbers," Mrs Priest said. "There have been some delays in association with the weather, but we are very aware of them."

Tara Shaskey is a Witt journalism student

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