Quick-thinking newspaper delivery contractor helps catch burglar

Fairfax delivery contractor Roger Bedford called the police after two people smashed windows at the Blagdon shops in the ...

Fairfax delivery contractor Roger Bedford called the police after two people smashed windows at the Blagdon shops in the early hours of Saturday morning.

A Fairfax newspaper delivery contractor has been credited with helping police make a quick arrest after two New Plymouth businesses were burgled.

Roger Bedford was parked opposite the Blagdon Shops about 3.50am on Saturday, dropping off bundles of the Taranaki Daily News, when he and another delivery driver heard a big smash.

"We both heard this noise and looked around and didn't see anything," Bedford said.

"Then we heard it again and backed up a bit and looked across the road and saw all of the glass out on the street and saw someone inside."

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The front doors and windows of the dairy and hot bread shop had been smashed and the two alleged offenders were still at the scene so Bedford drove around the corner to call police.

"It's like there were people in there so we thought they could catch them in the act."

Bedford said the two offenders were soon running up the street, leaving a trail of chocolate bars and blood behind them, but police quickly arrived and were able to arrest a teenager nearby.

Acting Sergeant Kane Moses said the police applauded Bedford's quick thinking and always appreciated getting timely advice of criminal activity.

"It was awesome work by them," Moses said.

"It's always good getting members of the public letting us know when things like this are happening."

Moses said a 16-year-old was arrested near the scene but police were still looking for his accomplice.

Bedford, who has delivered papers for about three years, said he often saw suspicious activity while making his early morning rounds and because he took pride in his community he often took down number plates or called police to let them know.

"When we are out and about at that time of the day we should be the eyes and ears of the community, we do the same streets everyday so you do notice things that are out of the ordinary.

"I would hope anyone that found themselves in a similar situation would do the same thing because if it was your property being burgled you would want someone to step up and help."


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