Clear-out of 'highs' now done

17:00, Jul 22 2013

Taranaki dairies and convenience stores have removed all synthetic cannabis products from shelves, police say.

Police around the region say they have visited outlets that were selling the potent cannabis substitutes before the Psychoactive Substances Act 2013 came into force on July 18.

The act restricts sales of unapproved psychoactive "highs" from dairies and grocery stores.

Sergeant Terry Johnson said police had been assured by owners they were no longer stocking the products.

"Some even showed us receipts that they had returned the products prior to the ban coming in," Mr Johnson said.

He said police would continue to be vigilant conducting checks on shops but said the public could also play its part.

"If they know that anyone is selling it, contact police and we will conduct an investigation."

Senior Sergeant Blair Burnett said police had visited all nine of Hawera's convenience stores in search of synthetic cannabis.

Mr Burnett said seven of the nine used to sell the products until it became illegal, while the other two never did.


Taranaki Daily News