Man sentenced to 51st prison term

17:00, Jul 22 2013

A Black Power member says he wants to change his ways after hearing he will become a grandfather.

"I don't blame nobody but myself," William Herangi Wanakore, 34, told Judge Allan Roberts prior to sentencing after admitting to his latest raft of offending.

Wanakore, who has 97 convictions, was about to be sentenced to his 51st prison term after pleading guilty to assault with intent, two burglaries and twice breaching protection orders in May.

He choked up while reading his letter of apology to the judge, written while in jail.

"Sorry for being a pain in the bum. I speak from my heart for the first time. I wish to do good not just for me but my kids," Wanakore said. "If I carry on this way I'm never going to see my kids."

The father of five said he had a good heart, telling the judge the incentive to change came after he found out he was to become a grandfather for the first time.


He had never had a good role model, he said.

"Crime and violence is all I've known."

Defence counsel Paul Keegan asked for credit for his client who pleaded guilty at an early stage.

Judge Roberts said his former partner was frightened of Wanakore. While he told her he would never assault her again, she feared he might go back on his word.

Wanakore was sentenced to 20 months' jail. His $1800 in fines were remitted.

The judge described Keely Patetitaha Docherty's constant driving while disqualified as one of the worst cases he has seen.

Docherty, 31, who has 55 convictions and been imprisoned 25 times was "thumbing his nose at authority" with his complete disregard of court orders, Judge Roberts said.

Docherty had earlier pleaded guilty to his 12th driving while disqualified charge, dangerous driving, failing to stop, theft and dishonestly using a credit card.

Docherty was jailed for 12 months, ordered to pay Toll Holdings $120 and disqualified from driving for six months.

P-addict Ngawai-Lee Awhitu was paid by her victim for "personal services" but took advantage of him and withdrew $11,637.90 from his account, the court heard.

The bank would not reimburse the victim because he had handed over his eftpos card to her and told her his pin number.

A mother of five, Awhitu was now having alcohol and drug counselling.

Awhitu was sentenced to 200 hours' community work and ordered to pay the $11,600 in reparation by instalments.

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