Shapeshifter promise to impress

20:34, Jul 22 2013

New Zealand's top drum'n'bass band will burst on to the stage in New Plymouth this week.

Shapeshifter have just released their latest album, Delta, and are touring New Zealand to launch their newest creation.

The band's vocalist, Paora Apera, known to fans as P Digsss, says the new album showcases some of the band's best work to date.

"We've been travelling a lot and it's the same with every artist. Travel helps you grow and helps your music to evolve.

"We're still the same band, but our music is changing a bit.

"You can kind of expect that after 14 years together," he says.


Shapeshifter formed in 1999 and have been heralded as a musical phenomenon, but P Digsss says the success of the band is the result of hard work.

"For years I couldn't pay rent and I was sleeping on friends' couches and doing free gigs.

"If you want to be successful, you've got to work your arse off. It's been a fun trip to where we are today, but it hasn't been fly by night," he says.

Despite the Christchurch- formed band's worldwide success, the vocalist still gets nervous before he goes on stage.

"We've played some pretty big productions overseas at some pretty epic and big venues and I always get butterflies."

Although he has played at sold- out shows in Amsterdam, Paris and Scotland, P Digsss says his favourite place to perform is in his home country.

"Playing in New Zealand in the summer can't be beaten, but as long as there is a good sound system and a good vibe with us, then anywhere is a good place."

The band is looking forward to returning to New Plymouth.

"We've played some great gigs in our time and we are really going to bring it when we hit New Plymouth."

Shapeshifter play at The Mayfair this Friday from 8pm onwards. Tickets are available from ticketek.

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