'Amazing' Everest trip over for Tamati

16:00, Nov 22 2013

A potentially life-threatening bout of altitude sickness has foiled ultra-distance runner Lisa Tamati's attempt at the record for the world's highest marathon.

Despite being an asthmatic, Tamati has successfully run in some of the hottest, highest and harshest environments on the planet.

The New Plymouth woman's latest challenge involved running on the flanks of Mt Everest - at an altitude twice the height of Mt Taranaki - after a 10-day trek to base camp.

Tamati had teamed up with Auckland adventurer Mike Allsop in attempting the marathon and their attempt was to be captured by an accompanying film crew.

Allsop, who began his attempt on November 2, got caught out when moving through a pass in waist-deep snow.

His attempt was foiled when he was forced to spend the night in a Sherpa's hut.


Back in New Plymouth enjoying temperatures in the 20s yesterday, Tamati said the documentary of the record-setting attempt was aimed at inspiring young people to take on risks.

The message was that it was also OK to fail, Tamati said.

"You can only achieve big if you risk big. I don't see it as a negative. At the end of the day it's not good if you come home in a box."

It was a wonderful trip with amazing people, she said.

"I was blown away by the Sherpas and what Sir Edmund Hillary has done over there."

His work had changed everyone's lives for the better, Tamati said.

She has no plans to have another go at the Everest marathon.

Taranaki Daily News