Too wasteful

01:13, Nov 29 2013

I wish to respond to the Taranaki Daily News editorial on Tuesday, November 26, Oil Products Are All Around Us.

I was one of the protesters. Safety is one of my concerns but not the major one. I think we use the world's natural resources too easily, too wastefully and without attention to the impact on other people (particularly those in Third World countries) and the natural environment. This is my major concern.

For example, finite resources are used to provide more cars, and ones that are more powerful and larger, than we usually need. I protested to say that I want us to overhaul what we use in everyday life. I don't expect the sudden non- use of oil but a shift away from consumerism and economic progress as the fundamental drivers of our society.

I would like us to spend our resources carefully and frugally as if they won't last forever. I don't think we need more. Rather I think we need to use what we have much better to improve our wellbeing. Unfortunately our increasingly monopolistic, free- market approach to natural resources is encouraging the companies that get access to these scarce resources to exploit them, in any way possible, to ensure more money for their owners/ shareholders.


New Plymouth


Taranaki Daily News