Opinion, not news

I am mildly surprised that the views of a worker at our airport is presented as front page news in the Daily News.

Is this the new journalism? If it is, then perhaps it should be labelled ''Infopinion'', along the same lines as ''Infomercial''. As I see it, this new front-page phenomenon quite rightly and traditionally presents information to we readers in an objective and interesting way; but then goes on to add the opinion of an on-looker as the main story.

We are certainly interested to know that a cull is under way at our airport to lower the risk of ''bird strike'', but the main storyline (with an excellent photograph of the man in question) is the strongly held opposing opinion of a worker there.

If this is an experiment in news reporting, can it be confined please to a spot nearer the traditional opinion page.

Certainly when I enrolled some years ago at our local school of journalism (I was there for one day) there was no talk of a new trend in news reporting - or perhaps, being then in my late seventies, I missed it.

I may have been napping.


New Plymouth

Taranaki Daily News