18:46, Dec 05 2013

Rusty wears the chains

Unreported is probably alone in its ardent love for the indomitable trier Rusty Kane. A political enthusiast he generally only stands if it is for an election but unfortunately he has never been even remotely successful. Which is why we applaud New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd who allowed Rusty to wear his mayoral chains for a moment when he dropped in to say hello recently. We know this happened because the ginger- haired former roofer could not resist posting a selfie of him and the mayor on Facebook. On an entirely different note we've heard Mr Judd is renowned for his kindness to helpless and abandoned puppies.

Message delivered

Moving on to the miracle of air travel we turn to the New Plymouth to Auckland flight path. Most people travelling this route do so 30 or 40 times a year and so generally excuse themselves from listening to the safety briefing. One flight attendant had obviously had enough of such arrogance recently when she profusely thanked the passengers who paid attention to her potentially life saving directions but was less pleasant to everyone else. "And to those who did not listen," she said. "Good luck."

Winging his way

Sticking to things with wings we move to one of the big bosses of Tegel in New Plymouth. We're not saying who he is but the man is responsible for holding up an Auckland flight back to the provincial city after somehow wandering on to the plane bound for Napier rather than New Plymouth. By the time he realised his mistake the homeward flight had already started its engines and even though he was whisked over to it in a golf cart the plane could not be stopped, taking off without him. There are various poultry puns we could have used in cheap and amusing ways but in the end we could only pluck up the courage to say the executive was left with egg on his face. Lots of it.


Blind solution

To finish on a more optimistic note we are pleased to announce Unreported has caused real change. It was our hard-hitting report on the sun-glare so bothering newbie Stratford district councillor Jono Erwood at the council debating table that prompted them to take action. Initially we predicted they would not curtain the said window as the council is notoriously tight with money. However we are pleased to say we were wrong and the window now has a blind. Good work SDC.

Tweet of the week

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