Hope lives on after 'Madiba'

19:22, Dec 06 2013
New Plymouth’s Meldin Moos
REAL REFLECTIONS: New Plymouth’s Meldin Moos, 41, recalls the time when Nelson Mandela initiated change in South Africa

In Meldin Moos' eyes Nelson Mandela was a man who brought unity, peace, and a great deal of hope to South Africa.

The New Plymouth man moved here with his family in 2008 from St Helena Bay in Cape Province, and as he speaks of Mandela, who died yesterday, only positive words flow.

"You don't really know where to begin because I don't think you can get the right words to describe Mandela.

"He was such a passionate, peaceful, loving person - a statesman - and I find it really hard to find any negative things about him."

Any black South African living through the struggle and fall of apartheid would have been greatly affected by what Mandela, also known as Madiba in honour of his Xhosa tribe, did.

"He was a kind of hope for us all.


"He is going to leave a great legacy behind and even though all our hopes have not yet eventuated into South Africa being a country we all love, we still have that little hope that things will one day become better."

The New Plymouth District Council environmental health officer says the unemployment and crime in South Africa is still not under control. However, all hope was not lost.

"We still hope everything will turn out for the better, and you never know, maybe there could be something good to come from his death. That is not in our hands, but we can still wish on his legacy and hope everything will become better and it will be a country to be proud of."

Mr Moos expects the nation and those outside South Africa to go into a state of mourning following Mandela's death.

"Of course it will have an impact, seeing as we all shared in the same goals and hopes that he had, and not all of those hopes have yet eventuated."

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