World-record scooter attempt passes test

22:30, Dec 08 2013
tdn scoot stand
The Largest Kick Scooter Parade in the World, across Te Rewa Rewa bridge this morning.

Taranaki looks to have scootered its way into creating an official new Guinness World Record.

Yesterday more than 500 people, of all ages, took part in Taranaki Scooter-licious which aimed to set a record for the largest kick scooter parade.

Scooter riders set off from Te Rewa Rewa Bridge, about 10.30am, and rode along the Coastal Walkway to the East End Reserve.

New Plymouth District Council Let's Go travel planner Liz Beck said the organisers were stoked with the crowd that turned up.

"I think it's fantastic," Ms Beck said.

"We were blown away, we had no idea how many to expect, the weather had not been playing ball leading up to it, so we are really, really happy."


Guinness had set guidelines for the attempt including that at least 250 participants had to complete a 3.2km course.

While 506 started the ride only 489 officially finished but Ms Beck still believed it would be enough.

"It will be great for New Plymouth to have the world record for the largest kick scooter parade."

This week she would be collating video, photos and steward and witness statements to send off to Guinness.

"It could take up to six weeks for us to get a response from them."

Ms Beck was also confident if the record was subsequently broken there would be another attempt in the future.

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