'Breezy' weekend wreaks havoc in Taranaki street

A Taranaki woman had the roof lifted off her house when a mini tornado swept through her street in the weekend.

Heavy rain pounded the region early on Saturday morning before the skies cleared.

New Plymouth fire service was called to the Egmont Rd property around 2.50pm. Owner Kelly Andrews said she was watching TV when things got a "bit breezy".

"It was totally unexpected," she said. "I heard a major bang on the roof and the kitchen window was blown out.

"The glass got right through the cupboards and all."

Ms Andrews said she did not realise part of her roof was missing until informed by a neighbour.

Her son, Ben, was in his room. "The windows were rattling and the ground was shaking," he said.

Neighbour Evan Shoemark lost his letterbox, trampoline and a swing set to the mini tornado.

Thankfully, the wind missed his rabbits' hutch.

"It just got really windy," Mr Shoemark said. "The dogs seem to know it was coming, I heard them barking beforehand."

New Plymouth fire station officer Jason Crowe said a salvage sheet was used to cover the hole left in Ms Andrews' roof until she gets it repaired.

Taranaki Daily News