Neighbours fed up with park nightlife

20:09, Dec 09 2013
tdn park stand
Pukekura park neighbour John Marfell said the beloved park was a stomping ground for drunk people heading home from town.

Pukekura Park's neighbouring residents say hooliganism is rife within its boundaries at night.

"There is a lot of activity in the park at all hours. I hear all sorts of screaming and carrying on," John Marfell, a park neighbour said.

Mr Marfell, who had lived on Fillis St next to Pukekura Park for more than 15 years, said a lot of the noise was caused by drunken people heading home from town.

He said they behaved in an anti-social manner, often urinating on his property and drinking in the park.

He said he had told the council about it, but thought there was not much that could be done.

Another neighbour, John Lynskey said recent vandalism in the park was "gutting."


He said he couldn't understand why people would want to vandalise things like the Poet's Bridge or the children's playground and wondered what motivated such behaviour.

In neighbouring Victoria Rd, a resident whose home had been broken into several times recently said he had no doubt it was drunken youths who were responsible for the vandalism.

"The drinking in the park is extremely disappointing. There are some kids who use the park every weekend."

The man, who did not want to be named for fear of being broken into again, said more regular police patrols could help solve the problem.

Another couple, whose house backed onto the park, said they constantly heard people in the park at night.

The husband and wife, who also wished to remain unnamed, said they did not know what to do about it.

"Should we call the police every time we hear a noise in the park?"

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