Jail for drug dealing family

01:59, Dec 16 2013
tdn court stand
Father Oscar Chand,(far right) 42, of Auckland, his daughter and her partner Maxien Chand,(left) 23, and Haylen Ryder, 28, and Daniel Pue, 21,(back).

A family of armed drug runners arrested at gunpoint by the armed offenders squad in New Plymouth have all been jailed today.

Their arrest followed an overnight methamphetamine delivery, the family travelling from Auckland to the home of New Plymouth drug dealer Tommy White on August 24 last year. 

Father and ''mastermind'' Oscar Chand, 42, of Auckland received a 3 year 9 month sentence, his daughter and her partner Maxien Chand, 23, and Haylen Ryder, 28, received 4 years 3 months and 4 years 9 months respectively while Daniel Pue, 21, was given 18 months.

Oscar Chand, Maxien Chand and Ryder were all found guilty at trial in July of dealing methamphetamine, dropping off 25.9 grams of 70 per cent pure meth at White's Fitzroy home.

Maxien Chand, Ryder and Pue were also found guilty of possessing a loaded pistol found under the front seat of Pue's Jaguar.

In the New Plymouth District Court this morning Judge Allan Roberts also ordered the confiscation of Pue's Jaguar car and the $40,000 drug money found in Maxien Chand's handbag.


The loaded pistol, found under the passenger seat, was also forfeited while the drugs and drug paraphernalia in the car are to be destroyed.

Pue, who was found guilty of the possession of the pistol, was declined home detention.

Judge Roberts said it was serious offending and a significant drug deal of which Pue must have been aware.

Following sentencing, several of the defence lawyers said their clients were likely to appeal their convictions and sentences.

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