Jailed and bailed for gun

01:57, Dec 18 2013

The youngest of the family group jailed this week following a methamphetamine drug run has been released on bail following his appeal.

Daniel Pue, 21, received an 18-month jail sentence for the illegal possession of a loaded revolver found underneath the passenger seat of his Jaguar.

He will appeal the sentence.

Today in the New Plymouth District Court Judge Allan Roberts released Pue on bail after hearing from his farming employer that his work behaviour had improved.

"I wasn't persuaded until I heard from your employer today," Judge Roberts said.

"It is in the interests of justice and by the slimmest of margins I will grant you bail."


About 10 members of the family, including his partner Jessica Chand, were in court to hear the decision, hugging outside the courtroom after the decision.

Earlier Pue's lawyer Paul Keegan asked for bail for Pue on the grounds that he would lose his job and the address for his potential home detention.

Pue and three others were arrested at gunpoint when the car was surrounded by the armed offenders squad outside the Ugly Duck in Fitzroy, New Plymouth about 7am on August 24 following an overnight drug drop.

Their communications were tracked by police during a two-month covert surveillance operation before they pounced.

Pue was not charged with drug dealing.

In the New Plymouth District Court  on Monday ''mastermind'' Oscar Chand, 42, of Auckland received a 3 year 9 month sentence after being found guilty at trial of  supplying methamphetamine.

His  daughter and her partner Maxien Chand, 23, and Halen Ryder, 28, were also charged with dealing and with possession of the revolver.

Chand received a 4 year, 3 month jail sentence and Ryder 4 years 9 months.

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