Town dirty on brown water

16:00, Dec 19 2013

There was something in the water in Inglewood on Wednesday night - and it turned the town's H2O brown.

Sediment which usually lies still in the water system got stirred up by a leaking valve in a water main and an increase in the demand for the wet stuff. New Plymouth District Council water and waste manager Mark Hall said the council began getting reports of dirty water flowing from taps on the western side of Inglewood late on Wednesday afternoon.

He said contractors were called to fix the leaking valve and flush the system.

The water was back to normal yesterday and he said there had been no further complaints.

An increase in water usage was typical for this time of year.

"We've seen a 30 per cent increase in the last 10 days. People are using it on their gardens."


"We ask Inglewood residents to please conserve water over the summer to reduce the likelihood of sediment being disrupted in the water reticulation."

Inglewood's water has turned brown several times over the last few years.

Mr Hall said the council had tried to flush the sediment from the pipes but it had not fixed the problem and they suspected it may be coming from further up in a water main.

But it's not just the residents of Inglewood who are getting the hose out more often.

Mr Hall warns the water demand across the district needs to be lowered if water restrictions are to be avoided. "We are barely into summer and on Wednesday we had nearly the largest water demand of any day this year."

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