Cigarette fire a wake up

01:41, Dec 20 2013
fire full
Fire fighters at the scene of the fire on Carrington St

A house fire caused by a discarded cigarette has been extinguished by New Plymouth firefighters this morning.

Senior Station Officer Ian Drewery said their fire truck, heading to an industrial alarm in Bell Block, was diverted to the fire just after 10am.

It was feared people were still inside the old two storeyed wooden house behind the Carrington St shops at the corner of Mill Rd. 

But the female occupant was found safe and she said she had thrown a cigarette out the window which then set fire to rubbish stored alongside the house and while she tried to put it out, the fire spread into the wall.

Mr Drewery said the fire came as a warning on several fronts.

With Christmas coming, get rid of paper and cardboard which could be a fire hazard and be extra careful in putting out cigarettes.

If you do have a fire, close the doors get out and stay out, Mr Drewery said. The woman was also advised to install fire alarms.


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