Recovering alcoholic is praised

16:00, Dec 22 2013

Recovering alcoholic Debra Ann Baker was congratulated after telling the judge she was now 71 days alcohol free.

"I didn't give you a hope in Hades of graduating. I was wrong. I apologise," Judge Allan Roberts told her in the New Plymouth District Court last week.

Baker admitted attacking a three-month pregnant woman in her own home at 5.30am on July 6, pleading guilty to assault with intent to injure.

Baker, who was drunk, had knocked on the door, waking her victim.

She then went into the house and into the bedroom of her victim's elderly mother where her victim had retreated to, the police summary says. The mother was on dialysis and unable to get out of bed to assist.

Both women told her to leave but Baker continued yelling at them, then punched her pregnant victim in the eye, head and face until she fell to the ground.


She kicked her in the legs and again hit her in the face then left the house when she realised police had been called.

The victim suffered a bruised and swollen right eye, a lump on her head, sore jaw and bruises on her shins. She had pain in her stomach and was admitted to hospital for observation.

Defence counsel Kylie Pascoe said Baker had now completed the Bridge Programme for which her family was hugely proud.

Baker was sentenced to four months home detention followed by psychological assessment.

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