Arrest for air rifle

18:54, Dec 24 2013

Police have arrested a man after what appeared to be a firearm was allegedly pointed at a window washer yesterday.

Sergeant Andrew Stilton said it was not a firearm but a sawn-off air rifle which looked like a pump-action shotgun.

"It was very realistic looking."

Senior sergeant Allan Whaley said at 11.45am a fight broke out outside the New Plymouth fire station on Liardet St.

It was alleged the man had got out of his car and pointed the air rifle at one of the window washers, known as the squeegee bandits.

Mr Stilton said police had tracked the man down by going to the address his car was registered to.

They had managed to get in contact with the man who told them he was at Burger King and they went and picked him up.

The man would be facing firearms charges, he said.

Investigations are continuing and police want to speak to anyone who has any information about the incident.


Taranaki Daily News