Couple watch lily bloom into giant

21:41, Dec 25 2013
New Plymouth residents Les and Eva Hardgrave ntsTName correctnte with their lily plant towering at 188 centimetres.

A New Plymouth couple has a giant plant flowering in their backyard.

Les and Eva Hardgrave were caught by surprise when a lily plant the couple received from their daughter for Christmas last year grew from a mere 50 centimetres with a single flower to a towering 188cm boasting 30 flowers, including buds.

Mr Hardgrave is unsure of the lily's species but said no special ingredients had been added to its soil, except the usual staple of sheep pellets and water.

"I repotted it and it grew like mad," he said. "Never seen anything like this before."

Mr Hardgrave was also told by his neighbour, who had been to plenty of gardens, that she had never seen a lily this tall before.

"She couldn't believe the height of it," he said.

Neither could the Hardgraves, who watched through their kitchen window as the lily grew "higher and higher" each day.

The lily is watered up to three times a day by Mr Hardgrave to keep it hydrated.


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