Man made death threats after breaking into house

16:00, Dec 26 2013

A jilted father-to-be stormed into his former partner's house threatening to kill the man she was with, the New Plymouth District Court heard.

After hearing that his lover, who was expecting his child, had ditched him for her long-term partner after his release from jail, Jai Patrick Bellamy, 34, took action.

On July 18, with his mates in the car and armed with a golf club, Bellamy went to the woman's house at night.

He bashed on the windows of the house. When no one came out, Bellamy broke into the house with Joseph Mattie Patu, 36.

The two were sentenced in the New Plymouth District Court last week.

Judge Allan Roberts said both men pleaded guilty to burglary and Bellamy also admitted a charge of threatening to kill.


The judge said he accepted that their purpose was to confront the couple in what was effectively a home invasion.

The female victim told him to get out. When Bellamy realised the male had called police the group left. Soon after police pulled over their car and the group was arrested.

Bellamy was sentenced to 13 months and two weeks in jail.

Patu had been out of trouble for seven years and his role was reduced. He had complied with his bail and was the first to plead guilty. He received six months supervision, alcohol and drug counselling and 225 hours community work.

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